Francesco Lopez, Architect and Interior Designer, was born in Rome in 1951. He has executed major projects internationally, in the main European cities, the Middle East and the Far East. Since beginning his career, he has used photography to complement his art, and with it he brings to life a composition, a geometry, as well as details in which all these components transform an authentic emotion into a look that knows how to capture the essence of things in the particulars of reality.

In his artistic works one can see the capability of the emotion-hunter, who, at the instant of a shot, catches and releases the moment of the flow of life, creativity in its most immediate sense. The artistic subject, the architectonic detail, are both extracted and observed in several different versions, chromatic repetitions, geometrical abstractions in which the world of reality merges into that of the imaginary, and the imagination plays the main role in moving objects close to elements which are completely unrelated to one another. This expressive technique uses the crystallization of bright colors wrapped in a visual language that transforms the artist’s emotions into structures of pure color.

This is why his works move and surprise the spectator, in a sort of fusion of artistic genres that can produce a strong emotional impact; his is an architect and artistic path that regenerates itself in a continuous exchange among art forms.

Francesco says every project is a story, told through colors, shape, materials and lights. He freezes his creative touch in every detail.

Even though his approach to the project is always serious and rigorous, it contains an ironic soul to give joy to senses.

Francesco loves to say that reality is not what we see but what we feel.